Digital asset management and consulting
New possibilities for investors

Traditional assets and investments don't generate as much revenue as they used to. The stock market is oversaturated. Interest rates on bank deposits, most sovereign and corporate bonds are currently at an all-time low. Classic tools for capital preservation and strengthening are being replaced with newer ones that most market participants don't understand yet.
Our mission is to provide high-quality consulting and mediation services that allow our clients to determine which digital asset option is the best for them.
What are digital assets?
Digital assets are IT-based non-physical resources that have a value and can be profitable.

There are a lot of digital assets, but we specialize in managing, purchasing and selling:

    Social media communities
    Telegram channels and bots
    YouTube channels
    Digital art
    Content-based sites

      The main source of profit for most digital assets are ad sales (directly or via 3rd party). There are other less obvious ways to generate profit, e.g. asset developing for further sale. Regardless of the strategy you choose, rates of return on digital assets are higher than the ones on investment in real estate or bonds.

      20% annually* – average income rate of a well-chosen digital asset

      Up to 59,8% annually** – average income rate of a well-balanced portfolio
      Return on digital assets

      Compare the profit from renting out an apartment with the revenue of purchasing an Instagram account:

      Apartment profitability:

      Annual revenue:

      Account profitability:

      Annual revenue:

      Don't waste your time diving into a lot of metrics and exotic data. Let us take care of your digital asset selection and audit.
      What you get with the selection and audit service:
      Become a digital asset owner and start getting up to
      59,8% of annual revenue in three easy steps.
      After the kickoff meeting, our managers make a list of suggestions that suit the client's preferences
      Then our experts check all the data, statistics, sales, quality of followers. They exclude poor-quality, dubious or risky options and make a short-list of the most attractive suggestions
      Finally, after discussing and confirming the list with the client, the purchase is made and the new owner of the assets is finalized
      Finally, after discussing and confirming the list with the client, the purchase is made and the new owner of the assets is finalized.
      Our company has everything for a turnkey digital asset management. For those who don't want to be involved in every step, we offer a trust management service. Sign up today and leave the rest to us.
      Who needs a digital asset broker?
      Advertising agencies
      To acquire online media assets correctly, legally and fast
      Financial advisors and trustees
      In the modern world, a well-diversified investment portfolio is the one where at least 10% are digital assets
      In some cases, owning a digital asset doesn't require any special skills or knowledge, just common sense and a little bit of financial literacy. Our team will take on the boring parts and you enjoy tracking your profits in real time.
      Why Clients Choose Us?
      Over 5 years on the market
      Over 100 successful transactions, managing assets worth 50+ million rubles
      We sign a non-disclosure agreement
      Legally processed transactions
      Only the most skilled admins, marketing experts, copywriters and lawyers
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